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Untitled design_edited_edited_edited_edi synchronizes energy to create visual landscapes. we are a collective of artists, designers, and problem solvers striving to discover potent truth of expression. we believe in finding
punctum - the unexpected extra.
we are sensitive. we ask questions, research, rethink, and re-design. thru a unique collaborative process, we ensure simple yet aerobic visual synthesis.

we work in a wide range of project flavours. from theatre, dance, live music, special events, fashion, tv/broadcast, architecture, light installations, projection mapping, let create a style and visual identity unique to your story.



creative direction

let us develop an overall vision for your performance, project, or event. our team specializes in creating spaces primed for action to take place within.

light design

light exposes everything and determines what action can occur within space. let our team of light artists reveal your ideas in the most brilliant wavelength.

light direction

often ideas have already been set and discovered. our team specializes in leading larger projects with multiple designers - coordinating many interdisciplinary ideas into an interconnected vision.


our team is capable of providing unique & creative lighting control solutions. from simple "one button" playback to a multiple of executors, our team can control light in a sophisticated manner. we house a pre-visualization suite for pre-production services and use state of the art lighting control to achieve the vision.

ma2, ma3, etc eos, hes hog 4, madrix, disguise, touchdesigner

production management

our team is experienced in seeing creative ideas to fruition. let us coordinate the production process to achieve beautiful results. we are experienced in managing new creations as well as managing domestic and internationally touring production needs. 

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